Mnarani Aid is a charity which is dedicated to helping the children in the Special Needs units in government primary schools in Kilifi County, Kenya.  Kilifi is on the north coast of Kenya an hours drive north from Mombasa.  It is one of the most deprived counties in Kenya.

Currently we mainly work on assisting the Special Needs Children’s Units at Mnarani and Matsangoni primary schools.  Our aim is to assist the teachers in those units to give the children as much help as they can to enable them to become of some worth to their families and community. This may range from, for those most challenged teaching them simple household tasks such as sweeping the floor or making beds; too for the more able learning to keep livestock, goats, chickens or rabbits and to plant and look after maize and vegetables. We are doing this by funding the teachers to learn Best Practice and to continue their professional development and by providing any equipment required; such as tools, chicken runs and secure pens for the goats. The plan is that these enterprises will become self-sustaining by the selling of the surplus produce and stock.

We also try to provide a Lunch Programme in the Special Needs units to encourage the parents to send their children to school.

Trips that will help the children’s development, for example sports competitions, are also financed.

We are also helping the Mothers’ Groups we have set up in the schools to assist them in rasing their family’s income.  If the familiy’s income improves so will the health of the children.

We also assist with schools fees for some needy parents.

Mnarani Aid is registered with the UK Charity Commissioners No: 1141872 and the UK HM Revenue & Customs, which allows the opportunity of reclaiming tax under the Gift Aid scheme.

The Trust is currently supported by amongst others;

The Rotary Club of Aylsham in the UK and the Rotary Club of Kilifi In Kenya,

The Trustees are Ian  Graham, Jo Cottingham and Christine Bayliss in the UK,  and in Kenya, Hassan Abdulatif and Moses Abwao.